I have deleted chunk of information from Facebook.

I have deleted chunk of information from Facebook, not because I’m naïve in believing that it will be gone forever, but wanted to conduct a not-so-scientific experiment of how Facebook algorithm might look like for lay people, who don’t have access to grand data analysis tools like social scientists. Right after I deleted my “About” information about my home town, places I visited, current city, my first and second undergrad, and where I got masters, few of my “likes,” (I also try to delete my gender identity, and birth year, which was more tricky), and after I posted several links, my notification got silent. No new “like”s, no comments, extremely quiet. Facebook is interesting that it turns this into “oh, that’s because you’re being self conscious. It’s not our algorithm, it’s your content that suck.” There were few moments that this thought (yeah, what I’m posting is not that interesting) came to me, but I’m going to see how it goes in the next few months. I’m pleased with not having chunk of information up here, so I won’t probably add them back again, but we’ll see in time if this is my exaggerated ego or the opaque working of algorithms.