Personal Facebook experiment — May 27, 2015

Personal Facebook experiment

I have deleted chunk of information from Facebook.

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ilys, and my attempt to #acwri better — May 21, 2015
Academic workflow (2015 Spring edition) — April 17, 2015

Academic workflow (2015 Spring edition)

Being inspired by my colleague Heather’s post on useful digital tools in MA/PhD program, I’d also like to share my ideas about tools and workflows in navigating grad school. I understand majority of these are specific to myself (i.e. a Mac user), but as a fan of “How I work” series on Lifehacker and  blogs that tackle academic workflows (such as Macacademise and Organizing Creativity, Academic Workflows on a Mac, and posts like this and this) I’ve been wanting to write this. It will probably change over time, so I am sharing this also as a log of what I’ve been thinking about my workflow as a grad student. Continue reading